Hello there! I am a freelance illustrator and animator who collaborates with agencies and productions worldwide. I have had the privilege of working with clients in various countries such as Italy, Spain, Brazil, and Hong Kong.

With a degree in painting and a master’s degree in animation, I began my professional career over a decade ago in Barcelona. Since then, I have honed my craft by specializing in the art of illustration. I returned to Italy, where I currently reside, and work as a freelancer, showcasing my works as an author.

My portfolio includes a range of artistic expressions, such as editorial illustrations, film and television projects, and authored publications. Some of my notable works include directing two animated documentaries, “Setteponti Walkabout” (2018) and “Pratomagno” (2019), as well as publishing a children’s book titled La cosa più probabile in 2016.

Currently, I operate from my studio in Bari, juggling my time between computer work, drawing, yoga, running, and catering to the needs of my beloved and demanding dog, Olga.