La tua più bella estate italiana

Marinobus Summer campain illustrations. I took inspiration from the travel agency posters of the 1920s to 1950s, capturing that nostalgic vibe. The star of the posters is none other than the company’s very first bus.

Innovation City

“With its strong infrastructure and proximity to Mainland China, no other city has what Hong Kong will always have. But with challenges such as border closures and travel restrictions still standing in the way, can the city maintain its lustre and status as an innovation and technology hub for start-ups?”

Making a comeback

“Amid Hong Kong launching its global promotion campaign after three years of strict COVID-19 restrictions, Nicky Burridge talks to Institute members working in the tourism sector about how organizations are positioning themselves for the rebound, and the role CPAs play in helping the sector take advantage of the tourism revival.”

Throught good times and bad

“This month, the World Bank warned that the world is in for one of the worst periods for economic growth fueled by uncertainty and high inflation. Amid the gloom, Nicky Burridge finds out the steps chief financial officers and treasury managers are taking to manage the risks and whether the current economic outlook creates opportunities for treasury management”

An outside perspective

“Every listed company in Hong Kong requires independent and impartial advice to ensure it is being managed correctly – a need that calls for an independent non-executive director (INED).”

Daniele Silvestri OverTour 2017

I’ve made this serie of poster for each date of Daniele Silvestri’s tour, a famous italian singer. Every poster shows a different location of great cultural interest , theatres and arena where the singer played. I was looking for a vintage travel agency look

Analysts value

” Valuations are playing an increasing role in business. Though the fundamental process – determining the current or projected worth of an asset of company – remains the same, new regulations have cast a spotlight on the specialism and the valuers working in the field..”

Adding sustainable value

“Environmental, social and governance reporting is no longer something businesses can turn a blind eye to. Disclosures are key to attracting investors, while also serve as an impetus for companies to improve their operations, and benefit society and the environment.”

I Auditor

“This is the first article I illustrated for Aplus magazine. The article was about the incorporation of new technologies and articifical intelligence into the company’s methods of data storage and management. I began my metaphorical research from the imaginary world of Metropolis by Fritz Lang, transposing it into the world of finance.”

Byte-sized city

Illustrations for an article about transitions and transformations of a city in a new “smart” dimension.