Byte-sized city

Illustrations for an article about transitions and transformations of a city in a new “smart” dimension.

Strongher Togheter

“When done right, mergers and acquisitions have the ability to help a company to achieve exponential growth, capture a larger share of the market and effectively elevate the business. However, the journey to a successful merger or acquisition is pockmarked with challenges, and calls for experts like accountants to help companies find the best way […]

Enhancing engagement

“How can investor relations professionals help companies to better engage with stakeholders and build long-term trust?”

A plan for All

” After Covid, the Strategic Plan 2020-2022 was released serving as a blueprint that shares the Institute’s long-term vision, and sets out its strategic aims.”

Budget 2022-23

“Hong Kong’s 2022-23 Budget, announced last month, introduced measures to help the city’s citizens and businesses see it through current challenges. Experts reflect on the Financial Secretary’s budget speech and tell Nicky Burridge how the measures will impact different sectors of the economy and community.”

Vegan Investors

” Illustrations created to describe the growth of companies dedicated to the production of vegan products, especially after the growth of Beyond Meat stocks on the Wall Stree market.”

Random Financial

“Some random images on business finance and work, extrapolated from articles illustrated over the years. “ Ready to the New Global Standards Welcome Board Hong Kong Resilience Working in Covid time Team Work The accountant of tomorrow. Assembly Line Chinese shadow on the Silicon Valley For and against HK – short selling story Births and deads […]