Analysts value

” Valuations are playing an increasing role in business. Though the fundamental process – determining the current or projected worth of an asset of company – remains the same, new regulations have cast a spotlight on the specialism and the valuers working in the field..”


The project is an opening titles sequence for an Italian web series called Past Forward. The show is a path through nine decades in Italy, from the 70’s to the year 2050 . The opening summarises the concept of the serie using and combining illustrations, motion graphic and transitions. “Through the symbols of the clock […]


“I tell the inner world of some characters, describing it as the seabed upon which the islands of their personalities are built.”

Adding sustainable value

“Environmental, social and governance reporting is no longer something businesses can turn a blind eye to. Disclosures are key to attracting investors, while also serve as an impetus for companies to improve their operations, and benefit society and the environment.”

I Auditor

“This is the first article I illustrated for Aplus magazine. The article was about the incorporation of new technologies and articifical intelligence into the company’s methods of data storage and management. I began my metaphorical research from the imaginary world of Metropolis by Fritz Lang, transposing it into the world of finance.”

Byte-sized city

Illustrations for an article about transitions and transformations of a city in a new “smart” dimension.

Strongher Togheter

“When done right, mergers and acquisitions have the ability to help a company to achieve exponential growth, capture a larger share of the market and effectively elevate the business. However, the journey to a successful merger or acquisition is pockmarked with challenges, and calls for experts like accountants to help companies find the best way […]