Mysterious Island

Since 2020 I collaborate occasionally with Report, the investigative Rai3 broadcast, creating animated illustrations that serve as intros for certain services that speak of technology. The one below is Jules Verne prediction about a water as powerful creator of electricity.


“I tell the inner world of some characters, describing it as the seabed upon which the islands of their personalities are built.”


DEEP is a motion comic inside the documentary “Essere hikikomori, la mia vita in una stanza” It was written together by Gianfranco Bonadies, the directors, and the four guys in the documentary. Arts and Motion: Gianfranco Bonadies. Assistaint: Mariagela Cipriani Graphic Support: Giulia Schiavone ESSERE HIKOKOMORI, LA MIA VITA IN UNA STANZA Directors: Michele Bertini, Ugo Piva Produced by Sky, Fidelio