La tua più bella estate italiana

Marinobus Summer campain illustrations. I took inspiration from the travel agency posters of the 1920s to 1950s, capturing that nostalgic vibe. The star of the posters is none other than the company’s very first bus.

Making a comeback

“Amid Hong Kong launching its global promotion campaign after three years of strict COVID-19 restrictions, Nicky Burridge talks to Institute members working in the tourism sector about how organizations are positioning themselves for the rebound, and the role CPAs play in helping the sector take advantage of the tourism revival.”

Daniele Silvestri OverTour 2017

I’ve made this serie of poster for each date of Daniele Silvestri’s tour, a famous italian singer. Every poster shows a different location of great cultural interest , theatres and arena where the singer played. I was looking for a vintage travel agency look